Your Voice Radio discussing the topics that matter to you. We are a team of hosts broadcasting on different times, so pick your favorite. We are covering all types of societal and cultural issues of modern day. Let's talk about real life.Based in Rural America; Breese, Illinois; we also have hosts in Pennsylvania, Florida, St.Louis. Catch our programs and submit the topics impacting your community by emailing our team; yourvoiceradio2017@gmail.com Enjoy the the show!!!


You can sponsor a month of broadcasting & get a commercial or song played during our broadcast. Share your ideas and concerns with us and we'll share your announcements with the world. Our team live, breath, and work to help our world become a better place for everyone. Thank you for FOLLOWING our Blog Talk Programming. We look forward to being one of your favorite radio networks. Get to know our hosts & programming information, along with archive listing for every show (Available on Itunes & RSS Feed).


Tuesday & Thursday @ 4pm c.s.t. -'Topics with Trish' - Host Trish McKnight is passionate about equality and justice. Often these lines become blurred because of money, status, power, or simply because of society's judgements when one person or family struggles more than another. Our American & Global society face economic and life impacting challenges. These are the topics Trish wants to discuss with you in an open format with your calls, your chats, your voice. We will enjoy some live interviews and music donations from all types of artists. Working together everyone can provide a resource of hope and create a better, safer world for our children. Trish has attended countless trainings to gain a trusted voice as an Advocate/Activist focused on Injustice, Addiction & Family Recovery. She is actively aiding families, victims, and survivors from all walks of life. Cert. Il DV & Child Abuse Advocate; Cert. Human Trafficking Trainer & 'Family Crimes' Speaker.


Wednesday @ 12pm - 'Two Nanas at Noon' - Hosts Donna & Lee

1st and 3rd Wednesdays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Join your hosts Donna Kshir and Lee Roberts as they bring you a real talk approach on world events that affect us all on one level or another often pervading the lives of those we love. These events often alter our communities and relationships forever in profound ways. Their topics will include, but are not limited to: Altruistic Causes, Child and Animal Cruelty Awareness, Deaf and Disability Rights, Homelessness, Interpersonal Violence and Wellness in Recovery. They will also host surprise guest interviews beginning March 2017 and share their favorite book reviews. This dynamic duo are on the front lines working to end abuse and violence across the Globe. If you would like to be a guest on one of our special segment shows please contact us at: au4humanity@gmail.com. Visit their website to learn more about this amazing team: http://advocatesunited4humanity.weebly.com/


*Hosts are actively working to provide PDF transcripts for the Deaf/HOH community so they may have access to their shows & will have them available as soon as possible.*

Donna Kshir, a long time Advocate/Writer, ending violence and child abuse. Lee Roberts is an Advocate/Activist to end child and animal abuse & assisting the Deaf and Disabled Communities.


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